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Our Approach To Helping You Achieve Your Weight Loss
Goals With Hypnotherapy

David Grant is our hypnotherapist. He began his career in the late 1980s when he qualified as an exercise prescriptionist and personal instructor. The industry focus at the time was strongly on weight loss by means of healthy eating and carefully planned exercise.

“The approach back then comprised collecting anthropometric measurements, conducting various physical performance tests and prescribing exercise routines based on these outcomes along with any medical considerations per individual.

An eating plan followed, and finally, one of our qualified exercise instructors oversaw each training session for a predetermined period. Across the spectrum of social identities, the results were incredible. These were halcyon days. Most people lost weight, felt great and got what they wanted. For a while.”

But, David began to wonder why so many people regained the weight they had struggled so hard to lose? This despite the conscious and physical effort they put into the weight loss.

Changing Perspective

“In the years that followed, I learned so much more about how we become who we are and the massive effect that seemingly random events in our lives can have. Unresolved emotions, inner conflict, unhelpful beliefs and unconscious programs quietly running in the background, often beyond our conscious grasp, that ultimately hijack our best intentions.”

David’s hypnotherapy training, which includes registration with the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy, equips him with the tools to go beyond the external requirements a person seeking to lose weight typically desires. Hypnotherapy applies the state of hypnosis towards achieving individual goals as well as psychological and behavioural changes.

David Grant

Hypnotherapy Qualifications

- Certified Hypnotherapist CHT (non-medical) (SAIH) SAIHMB No 233563.
- Parts Therapy Facilitator (SAIH).
- Client Centered Approach for Smoking cessation incl Compulsive behaviour techniques (SAIH).
- Hypnomed Practitioner (SAIH).

Life Coaching Qualifications

- Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner – COMENSA registered.
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner – COMENSA registered.
- Life Coach – COMENSA registered.
- Transformation Coach – COMENSA registered.

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