Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Cape Town

At Me Over meals, we offer hypnotherapy with the aim of helping you
identify and overcome subconscious patterns that are influencing your
relationship with food and your body

At Me Over Meals, we will guide you through the journey of identifying the underlying psychological and emotional factors that contribute to your negative body image, and help you develop a more positive and confident relationship with your body.

During this time, you are given the opportunity to acknowledge and let go of thoughts that may be holding you back or sabotaging your progress.


During our pre-meeting, David will get to know you and your goals. At this session, you will start to define what it is you hope to achieve through this journey.

Following this meeting, our therapist David will prepare your therapy program unique to you, your personality and your goals.

What To Expect From Your Hypnotherapy Sessions

Your time with our hypnotherapist is unique to you. While in the hypnotic state, a person is able to work on issues, behaviours and goals at a subconscious level, and David will facilitate your sessions through the use of guided imagery and positive suggestions to address subconscious habits, behaviours and beliefs.

Discover and acknowledge parts of your subconscious

Despite what you may have seen on TV, you will not be asked to do anything you do not want to do while you are in a hypnotic state. Your personal journey during our sessions is simply guided by David, but you are in control.

The therapist’s role is to help enable you to tap into what is already there. Our sessions aim to help you discover and acknowledge parts of your subconscious that may help you shift your relationship with food and your body.

What You Need To Know Before Booking


Our sessions take place in
Somerset West, Cape Town.


We can offer treatment after
hours or on weekends to suit your


There is no limit on the number
of sessions you can have.


Our sessions are completely


Each session can be up to
90 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a type of hypnosis in which a trained and qualified hypnotherapist guides you into a heightened state of concentration and focussed attention. In this state, you are more open to suggestions to making beneficial changes to your perceptions, emotions, memories, thoughts and behaviours.

Is Hypnotherapy an effective option?

It can be, in 2001 The British Psychological Society commissioned a working group to write a formal
report on hypnosis. Among the findings published in the BPS report, they stated that, “Enough
studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial
in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the
practice of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy.”  (BPS, 2001).

How would hypnotherapy be any different from my last diet/exercise regime?

Nutrition and exercise are critical components of a healthy lifestyle. Your inherent ability to adhere
to these two elements is dictated by your personal habits and mindset. Hypnotherapy can help you
change unwanted or negative thoughts, behaviours, or emotions that could be beyond your
conscious grasp, and may be impacting what and how you eat.

What can I expect in a hypnotherapy session?

Using hypnosis to put you into a state of deep relaxation, David uses different techniques to help
change your thought patterns. This can help you to understand why you may struggle to manage
your weight, as well as to recognise how you might be sabotaging yourself with unwanted
behaviours. By targeting the unconscious mind with powerful suggestion techniques, David can help
you develop a more positive relationship with food and exercise.

Will I embarrass myself during hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis isn’t a means for brainwashing or mind control. A therapist can’t control a person to the
point of doing something embarrassing or something against their will. You are always in full control.

Will hypnotherapy work for me?

Hypnotherapy has the capacity to work for most people. It is important to remember that some
people are more susceptible to suggestion than others. To get the most out of any form of hypnosis,
it is important to be fully committed to the process, keep an open mind, be open to change you
seek, and work with a hypnotherapist you feel you can trust. Scepticism can subconsciously decrease
your susceptibility.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is safe for most people. While adverse reactions are rare, some potential side effects
can include experiencing headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, or anxiety.

We Answer Your Questions

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